Help with Substance Abuse

I take a nonjudgmental approach to people's substance use. I work collaboratively with people to better understand their relationship with substances and find ways to change that relationship. I am a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC I) with over a decade of experience working with people struggling with their use, abuse, and/or addictions to behaviors and substances.


Struggling with substances is not a sign of personal weakness. Scientific research is beginning to reveal the complex interaction between genetics and environment that predisposes some people and not others. We have little control of our genetic makeup and the external world in which we live. Despite that, we alone are ultimately responsible for our lives.


Powerful forces within the brain heavily influence the nature of a person’s relationship with drugs and alcohol. Willpower alone is often insufficient to transform that relationship.


That does not mean we are powerless. Through effort, seeking support, and insight change is possible.